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New Horizons Bilingual School is founded upon the principles of excellence, flexibility, perseverance, and innovation. We believe that the true measure of the human spirit is determined by a person’s moral values, the responsibility of one’s actions, and the contributions to his/her community. 


Educate students with an integral, bilingual, and multicultural education through a scheme of highly advanced teaching strategies and technological resources while promoting and fostering the development of flexible, independent, and confident individuals who have solid moral values, a critical conscience, and are capable of facing challenges and transforming the world around them.


To maintain New Horizons as the national leader in bilingual private education, through an open and participative environment that promotes an integral education that will benefit both students and their country.

  • Achieve academic excellence through a complete bilingual curriculum in a multicultural environment.
  • Ensure, through the use of modern teaching methods and advanced technological resources, that students take responsibility for their own learning process in the various disciplines of knowledge. 
  • Promote and develop critical thinking and investigation skills.
  • Encourage the development of ethical and civic values through student participation in community service projects.
  • Expose our students to experiences with their social, political, and economical surroundings in order to obtain a clear perception of the world around them.
  • Promote cooperation and teamwork in order to obtain better results than those achieved through individual effort.
  • Achieve the integral development of our students through sports activities, art programs, and research projects as sources of health, social harmony, and cultural enrichment.
  • Raise student awareness of God and promote respect towards all religious beliefs.
  • Strengthen the school-family relationship in order to actively involve parents in the learning process of their children.
  • Encourage students to develop patriotism towards their own nation while respecting and appreciating other cultures. 
  • Raise awareness within our community for the need to preserve, care for, and improve our environment.