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As a tradition, on Thursday, November 4th Colegio Bilingue New Horizons celebrated Thanksgiving. We acknowledge this celebration being a tradition performed by Anglo-Saxon since the seventeenth century.  At New Horizon our teachers, students, parents and friends gathered together to enjoy student performances such as dance and drama.  The main objective of this memorable, fun loving event are, to be grateful and humbled by all of the good we receive daily. 


The menu included a tradition roasted turkey which our families, students, teachers and friends deeply enjoyed.  Overall, this harmonious event was fill with love, fun, tradition and decorations of warm autumn colors.  With this activity New Horizons expresses its gratitude for all the amazingly great harvests similarly to how it was first celebrated back in the year 1621 at Plymouth, Massachusetts.





Galeria Thanksgiving

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Galeria Thanksgiving


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